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Lucy Dora´s World - Friends Only

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12 December
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I am a
-Catholic, but open-minded and definitely not a bigot
-Queer Pride activist
- Gothic lolita. No sweet for me. I am really picky when it comes to prints. I do not like flower prints, food prints and childish "teddy bears" etc prints.
- Passionate, emotional, always ready to fight for my opinions
- Script-writer and a cinephile.My favourite way how to spend my summer is to go to a film festival.
-Optimist and generally a cheerful, social person, who loves going out with friends
- Sagittarius and my character is really Sagittarius-like xD I am hot-tempered, I often take things too personally and I sometimes speak without thinking and regret it in a minute.
- a great opposer of corporal punishment. No one deserves death.
- interested in history and mainly affairs of kings and queens of medieval England and France
-a great great fan of Harry Potter books and I identify myself with Luna Lovegood
- not a lifestyle lolita. I am a rebel and I am really proud of it.